Go and tell what Jesus has done for you

Many of us have had amazing events happen in our lives. Often we don’t understand them and because of it our hearts aren’t filled with thanks and we remain silent. But, one day we may meet someone who has had a similar experience, and understanding it, is willing to share this experience with others. Once we begin to share with others, the separate pieces of the puzzle may become as a whole picture and we can understand the purpose of these events. As a result, we may start to seek God, desiring to build our faith and grow in it.

Usually, most of us are very thankful to God (or to fate?) for special moments of inspiration and insights. One of the saint writers, understanding the significance of such things, tells: "You should keep a secret of the King,  and proclame God's works with glory"

We would like to share with you our testimonies of God’s work in the lives of people from the Church Philadelphia and we hope that they can help someone to strengthen his faith, to find quietness for the heart or understanding of his difficulties. These testimonies are our thankfulness to God and confirmation of our seeking, joys and sometimes disappointments, and His great mercy to all people.