Biblical Journeys

Have you ever read books by authors who wrote about exciting journeys to unknown lands? The majority of us can take from our childhood memory stories about jungles, far seas, treasures, great discoveries and attainments. This is, without a doubt, a very small list of our thrilling recollections. Becoming older, we still have that desire and anticipation toward new challenges and experiences that we call “real life”.

We invite you to a more exiting journey – the journey into the Bible. There are so many things that are awe-inspiring and exiting that makes our heart and mind throb. But, the main thing is that you will find the greatest treasure in the Universe – the loving God. With Him, together we can get all the experiences what we so desperately seek. And may be we could also become a part of history like many of the Bible’s heroes.

Henry Gainer wrote: “In my last book “Romancero” I told about the changing of my heart toward the things of God. I am very thankful to one book for my revival. You may ask one only? Yes, and they call that book the Bible. Everybody who has lost his God can find Him again. And for everyone who didn’t know Him before there is a wind of God’s word.

I am thankful to this Holy Book for my spiritual rebirth. Strangely enough, after I spent all my life lingering in dancehalls of all philosophies, dedicating myself to all orgies of spirits, wandered in the different systems – but without satisfaction - all of a sudden, I found myself in the same position where Uncle Tom was – on the foundation of the Bible.

What humility. Being very knowledgeable, I could get more than this poor illiterate black man who hardly could read.”