26 февраля

The Fifth Federal Conference for Children ministers of Volga and Ural Federal Districts took place in Izhevsk

The 5th Federal conference of children ministers of Volga and Ural Federal Districts “Treasures of God’s heart” started in the wonderful morning in “Philadelphia” church,  Izhevsk. 220 participants from different places of Volga and Ural regions, Moscow and Bryansk came together to find out what treasures God confided us and how we must treat them.

After a vivid worship senior pastor of receiving church Pavel Zhelnovakov shared the criteria according to which we can evaluate the true value of a person. It doesn’t depend on visible success or natural capabilities, but is defined by heavenly vocation, church affiliation, entrusted ministry, and is kept in humbleness of a heart that is able to accept changing it hardships.

Valintina Fedorova, head of Children ministry of the RCCEF, reminded everyone that we must build correct relationships when we serve God. On the examples of various biblical characters we saw what we must guard our hearts from.

At workshops ministers from different cities and churches shared their experience of ministry to children, teenagers, and parents as well.

From a conversational sermon of Svetlana Minava we found out what principle subjects we must discuss with children. It was useful as to the ministers, so to the parents.

Vadim Maltsev, bishop from the city of Ufa, made a conclusion of a wonderful and eventful day. He reminded us that we are valuable in God’s eyes and should look at others with His eyes.

The second day of the 5th Federal conference “Treasures of God’s heart” was opened with a prayer and wonderful worship.

Following up the main theme of the conference Vadim Maltsev spoke a sermon concerning important questions, such as: how can we become “God’s treasure”? How should we ask for something in the right way? How are we to dream in the right way? Do we want Jesus to hug us as children, lay His hands on us and bless? How can we renew our and other’s lives?  “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, new wine must be poured into new wineskins. And no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for they say, ‘The old is better.’” (Luke 5:37-39) New wineskins are a new lifestyle. New wine is new habits, standards. New time is coming and we must be obedient to God, and the main question we should give answer to, the question Jesus asked Peter: Do you love Me? The answer to this question defines everything.

After a short break children ministers studied the subject of conflicts. With the help of a method called cinquain the participants of the conference tried to understand what conflict is, what conflicts there are, and what they may lead to. Different ways of behaviour in a conflict were shown in a form of a role-play game. The role players shared the feelings they experiences while they were playing the roles untypical for them. Svetlana Minava spoke of 5 styles of behavior during a conflict, introduced the examples of bright biblical stories with different types of conflicts. Then all the present divided into groups and solved the same situation in different ways: from the viewpoint of competition, cooperation, compromise, avoiding and adaptation. After that the ministers prayed for one another in pairs.

After the lunch the participants immersed themselves in the atmosphere of study. The half of the children ministers took part in a quest-game named “King Solomon's Mines” that was worked out by the ministers from Perm and Asbest cities. The other half of the ministers took part in a “double-row” round-table, where the ministers from Khanty-Mansiysk offered to discuss in details the topic “Serving God as a kid’s lifestyle”, answered interesting and deep questions on the subject.

Then everyone gathered in the big hall to hold a forum on the following questions: can we use fairy-tales and modern characters in our ministry? should give homework to the kids? how can we motivate them to do it? how can you minister fully if you have little children? etc. The brothers and sisters shared their opinions openly. The last words of the experts concerning every question was a big blessing for everyone. Bishops Pavel Zhelnovakov and Vadim Maltsev approached every question from the viewpoint of the Holy Scripture and gave meaningful responses. Certainly, the most memorable, long awaited and significant moment for every minister was the time when the bishops prayed for every team of the children ministers. Dring the prayer every person got answers from God. Thanks God and all the coordinators of the conference for this wonderful time! God bless every children minister to apply everything God spoke to our hearts in our ministry, sharing it with others.

Natalia Kosvintseva (Perm)

Anastasia Nabokina (Myass)



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