15 Apr 2018

A morning with the Lord

On April 15 in "Philadelphia" church in Izhevsk pastor Dmitriy Vladykin looked into a passage from the Gospel where Jesus washed the feet of the disciples during the Last Supper (John 13:2-17). Through that action the Lord showed us how to express love and care for one another. This is exactly how our faith should manifest itself, because it centers around not mere formal recognition of God's existence, but around an action.   

Senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov drew attention of the church to the fact that the characters from the Bible were seeking God from the early morning. The women went to the tomb of Jesus at dawn (Matthew 28:1), David was seeking God, rising before dawn, keeping his eyes open through the watches of the night to go deep into the word of God (Psalm 119:147-148). Even Jesus spent His mornings in prayers (Luke 6:12-13). What is so special about morning hours? The thing is that we bear the print of something or someone that we met after we woke up. In the Old Testament priests added firewood to the altar early in the morning, that way they were preparing for the new day (Leviticus 6:8-13). Our day is often full of challenges, so it is also important for us to prepare - to pray to God in the morning. In this context the pastor offered the church to try to wake up earlier during the coming week to spend some time in the morning in fellowship with the Lord and to see how our hearts are going to change.Those women came to Christ at dawn and against all odds they met their Lord. Why don't we try to do the same?

Irina Konovalova


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