Призыв воскресной проповеди пастора Устиновского района Дмитрия Владыкина, которая прозвучала 16 октября в церкви «Филадельфия» города Ижевска, заключался в том, чтобы мы не отступали от Бога, поглощённые ложью или обманом. Мы должны постоянно бодрствовать и  трезвиться, как написано в 1 Послании Петра 5:8. Пастор уделил особое внимание месту из Священного Писания, где Апостол Павел призывает облечься во всеоружие Божие (), которое поможет победить искушения дьявола.Calling of a Sunday service sermon by Dmitriy Vladykin, the pastor of the Ustinovskiy region in Izhevsk, which was delivered on October 16 in „Philadelphia“ church in Izhevsk, was that we shouldn‘t backslide from God being absorbed by lies and deceit. We should always be alert and sober mind, as it is written in 1st Peter 5:8. The pastor drawed special attention to the place from the Holy Scripture where the apostle Paul is calling to put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17) which can help to overcome temptations of the devil.

In continuation of the service the minister of the church Ilias Mukhametdinov talked about one of the facets of grace – forgiveness. The preacher took an example of Jesus‘s parable about a king who forgave his servant a debt of ten thousand bags of gold (Matthew 18:21-35). This story is a reminder for us about God, who forgave us our sins, because no good deeds can ever attone for our debt (Psalm 49:8). Another good conclusion out of this story is being forgiven ourselves, we should forgive other people as well. The minister added that love towards a neighbour demonstartes itself first of all in forgiveness. When His disciples asked Jesus how many times they should forgive, He said: „seventy-seven times“ (Matthew 18:22). However we shouldn‘t count other people‘s faults, but rather we should stop reminding ourselves about somebody‘s sin or, if we are reminded about them, forgive each time. At the end of his sermon Ilias Gusmanovich added that we should not only be able to forgive, but also ask for forgiveness, and this is available only to humble people, who were able to submit themselves to God (Romans 12:3).

Irina Konovalova


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