24 Dec 2016

Third Children’s Charity Festival “The Light of Christmas” held in Izhevsk

18 Dec 2016

Christ’s weeping

15 Dec 2016

Annual Children Christmas festival will be held on December 17 in "Philadelphia" church, Izhevsk

13 Dec 2016

Seminar held in Selty village by ministers of Sunday school from «Philadelphia» church of Izhevsk

11 Dec 2016

Do not fear

08 Dec 2016

Ten people were baptized in “Philadelphia” Church in Izhevsk

07 Dec 2016

Only One Right Way

The Marriage Course has Ended with the Trip to Selychka

Mother’s Day holiday held for the kids of 3-4

30 Nov 2016

Udmurt Ethnic Ensemble Inkrezh’ Held an Artistic Evening with Yagdor Ensemble

29 Nov 2016

Annual educational seminar for children ministers was held in Izhevsk

27 Nov 2016

God’s authority

22 Nov 2016

The address of the participants of the Second All-Russian Theological Conference of the RCCEF

The Second All-Russian Theological Conference held in Izhevsk on November 18-19

20 Nov 2016

Faith and Obedience

15 Nov 2016

A seminar "It is not good for the man to be alone" was held on November 12

13 Nov 2016

In search for truth I became a Christian

08 Nov 2016

On November 18-19 The Second All-Russian Theological Conference of the RCCEF will take place in “Philadelphia” church, Izhevsk

06 Nov 2016


31 Oct 2016

On October 29 a new teenage cinema club called Lighthouse was opened

Family rest in Selychka

25 Oct 2016

In September Izhevsk Social Service Office of Oktyabrsky District held a seminar of so called “Safety lessons” for children and teenagers

“Royal Rangers” ministers held a lesson in the Social Service Office of Oktyabrsky District of Izhevsk

23 Oct 2016

Biblical dignity

16 Oct 2016

If the root is holy, so are the branches

14 Oct 2016

Meeting of musical groups «Inkrez», «Zador mylkyd», and «Ivushka»

12 Oct 2016

Harvest Fests in the villages of Goliany, Krasnoye and Lynga

11 Oct 2016

Baptism in “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk

09 Oct 2016

Fervent Prayer

06 Oct 2016

The Second All-Russian Theological Conference of the RCCEF will take place in “Philadelphia” church, Izhevsk on November 18-19

The second Children’s Conference in the Udmurt Republic held in Izhevsk on October 1

01 Oct 2016

Reconciliation through the Calvary cross

25 Sep 2016

How does God speak to people?

18 Sep 2016

Holy Communion as a memory of Christ’s sacrifice

14 Sep 2016

Summer Christian social projects in Uva and Goliany

13 Sep 2016

Day of Knowledge

11 Sep 2016

Jesus is the cornerstone

04 Sep 2016

Case history

31 Aug 2016

Deaseases of a man

30 Aug 2016

Summer family vacations in Selychka

29 Aug 2016

Website administration apologies for any inconvenience incurred due to virus attack

07 Aug 2016

Cross is God's response to mankind

31 Jul 2016

Concept of consistency

24 Jul 2016

Trying to trust God with an unclean heart

22 Jul 2016

Annual tent camp «Good summer» held on July 9-17

15 Jul 2016

Ministers of «Philadelphia» churсhes discussed changes in legislation concerning missionary activities

19 Jun 2016

«Philadelphia» church in Setly opens the House of prayer

30 May 2016

Presentation of creative project «Little miracles» held in «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk

12 May 2016

Congratulations to Senior pastor of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, Pavel Zhelnovakov on his birthday

08 May 2016

Easter is God’s answer to people’s search

01 May 2016

Easter Festival

29 Apr 2016

Congratulations on Easter from Senior pastor of ”Philadelphia” church, Izhevsk

28 Apr 2016

Twelve people baptized in “Philadelphia” church, Izhevsk, on threshold of Easter

24 Apr 2016

Vivid symbols of the book of Joshua

20 Mar 2016

Women’s Conference held on March 18-19

29 Feb 2016

Concert of Honored Artist of the Udmurt Republic Ksenia Blagovich will be held in the House of Prayer of “Philadelphia” church, Izhevsk, on March 4.

21 Feb 2016

Remaining in God’s love

16 Feb 2016

Pastors and Leaders’ Conference of the RC CEF in Volga Federal District held in Izhevsk on February 12-13

03 Feb 2016

At Husky Land

27 Jan 2016

Christmas concerts of national group “Inkrez” held in different localities of Udmurtia

24 Jan 2016

Devotion renewal

17 Jan 2016

Be ready to hear the Word

14 Jan 2016

Royal Rangers at Selychka

10 Jan 2016

Having life to the full

03 Jan 2016

Committed heart

Christmas festival for school pupils held in “Philadelphia” church, Izhevsk

02 Jan 2016

Christmas festival for pre-school kids held on December 26