Christmas has come to our church. Though it is not exactly its “coming” because it is we who come to Christmas, to the manger, to the Mother and the Baby, recalling that wonderful night, when the God’s plan was fulfilled and He in His love humiliated Himself and revealed Himself to the weakest of this world.

The Sunday meeting of the church “Philadelphia” on 26 December was dedicated to this great holiday. The wonderful tradition to recall the birthday of Jesus Christ helped the church to remember this fairy night when angels’ singing told the shepherds about the Savior’s birth. Christmas let recall and think about this event, very important for every Christian. Thanks to pastors’ thoughts and creative church teams’ work Christmas indeed came to the church. The first ones who congratulated the church were children. They sang and acted out a beautiful song, about that miraculous night: little angels, sheep and a little goat were singing about the baby in the manger. Pastor Aleksej Korepanov confessed that he was a little confused because no one could congratulate better than children did.  He felt that everything had been said. The third congratulation was from the Udmurt Christian ensemble “Increzh” (“Heaven’s melody”). They sang two songs in their native language. In spite of the fact that Russian-speaking people didn’t understand the exact lyrics of these songs, as well as the lyrics of the Tartar singer Eljanora Nasyrova’s songs that was presented next, we suppose they were about Christ and His birth, because they were so peaceful and joyful.

After that Rustam Nasyrov, the member of the Tartar ministry, paid attention to the words of Jesus: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink”. He advised the people be close to God and drink from the Savior who came near and became so human. Then there was pastor Dmitry Vladykin’s speech; he said that we should be focused on the Christmas time so that the personality of Jesus, his birth and life would be brighter in out lives. The worship group and the choir sang a hymn-question: “What can you see?”

Senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov finished these congratulations, wishing every church member to start serving, every man — to stand up to their status, become mature. Moreover pastor wished everybody more children’s smiles. Then there was a sermon about the right foundation — the Savior’s birth: “It is impossible to understand God, who fills all the Universe and even exceeds its dimensions… This Transcendence must start talking out native language, cry as we do, have the red blood”. This happened that night in Bethleem. Pastor wished everybody to remember where God’s love starts revealing itself, and be zealous about God’s kingdom: “That we should be called children of God” (1 John 3:1).


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