03 Apr 2003

God is the answer!

There was no peace in my family. My husband drank, our children were disobedient. Constant family quarrels and problems brought me to the meeting of believers in Philadelphia Church. At first I was very careful and distrustful of those people, I thought God was only in the Orthodox Church. I observed these people for a long time, trying to unmask them. Praise to God, through that I came to know the true living God! I suddenly understood very clearly that God is everywhere, if we call Him from all our heart and with sincere faith!

At first everything was so difficult. Quarrels with my husband became really sharp, often I simply didn’t know how to behave. But suddenly God said to me: “Have patience!” I realized that I treat my husband wrong and there’s no love in these relations. I stopped scolding him but started praying more for him and all my family. God is the answer! There happened a miracle: my son Sergey turned to God, husband Nikolai started visiting Orthodox Church. Quarrels ceased, peace reigns in our house now! I worship and thank Lord for all His grace and wonderful deeds!

With love in Jesus Christ,

Ludmila Kalyagina from village Goliani.


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