03 Apr 2003

Become like a child

Jesus Christ said: “If you don’t become like a child, you won’t get to the Heavenly Kingdom.” And really, the heart of the kid is free from envy, fury, hatred and a child can receive Jesus in his heart simply.

My granddaughter Kate was 5 when she got ill seriously. She had short breath, cough, her breath was quick and light. I understood from my experience of a nurse, working with people who have problem with lungs, that her condition was very serious. I had no medicine with me but only hope on God. I knelt and prayed to God. Suddenly Kate said to me: “Granny, Jesus came to me!” But I was upset and didn’t understand the meaning of her words. I just said: “Yes, yes, of course!”

I didn’t want to leave my granddaughter alone in the hospital, but it was dangerous for her to stay home. Still when my daughter and Kate went to hospital I knelt and prayed again. During prayer I clearly heard Kate’s voice: “Granny, Jesus came to me!” I stopped praying and said to myself: “Jesus never comes in vain. So He did something. He healed Kate.” At once my heart was overwhelmed with joy and peace and I just thanked God. I was sure doctors won’t make Kate stay in hospital. And really, doctor put a diagnosis bronchopneumonia, prescribed cure and let her go home. In 5 days the cough was gone. Jesus completely healed my granddaughter! Praise the Lord!

I asked Kate about Jesus, what He looked like. She said Jesus sat beside her in the bed, took her hand and looked at her. He was in a white garment and had long dark hair. Later Kate met Jesus in her dreams several times. Once she was in heaven. All her descriptions correspond with the Bible, though she couldn’t read it.

It is written in the Bible that the pure in heart will see God. It’s really so. We adults often lack this childish faith and purity.

With love,

Ludmila Shatz from village Kamennoje.


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03 Apr 2003
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