Missionary…what do we think about when we hear this word? Who is this and what do they do? For us as Christians, missions is sharing the Gospel with anybody who doesn’t yet know Jesus Christ, to declare Salvation from all kinds of evil, sins and death, through Christ’s sacrifice.

This is God’s command to Christians, so it is very important and takes a great place in the life of the members of the Church “Philadelphia”. We strongly believe that God has a wonderful plan for everybody. Since salvation it is about the life or death of people, we don’t want to allow sin and death to take advantage of people’s lives by making them ignorant to God’s love. We are pretty sure that returning of society to the Judeo-Christian standards of life and discipline will not give us just hope for a good life and our future, but real authority and the possibility to have them.

People, who go to different places to preach the Gospel, are called missionaries. Today the Church “Philadelphia” has more than 20 missionaries who work mainly in Udmurtia. Some time ago, when there was more religious freedom and openness, our missionaries worked all over Russia. In many places new churches were pioneered, that after a while became independent churches. But now, with many new churches established and because of the changes in the federal legislation, our missionary work is concentrated mainly in our republic. But it doesn’t mean that our missionary vision has become narrower. Not at all. We still believe that we could be involved in diverse missionary projects in different places.

It isn’t just a hope, but our assuredness from God, because this is His will that we would go and tell other people about our wonderful God and what He has prepared for man. May the Lord help us to be diligent representatives and spread His will and kingdom on the Earth.