Worship. Musical ministry

"I will be filled with joy because of you.
I will sing praise to your name,
O most High".
(Psalm 9:2, NLT)

Musical ministry is a very important part of Christian service. Like a fresh wind, it permeates our hearts and opens them to communicate with God. Our personalities are lifted up to heaven at times like these. Worship takes us far away from our usual routines. As we prepare to listen to God’s sweet voice, He enjoys this proper praise of ours.

Singing to God is one of His commandments to us. And Philadelphia has been blessed with some special people with hearts to serve the Lord in a worship ministry. In 1994, we had our first worship group in our church, consisting or five people. As the church grew, the group grew into a choir, which now consists of 25 singers, including 5 with a background in musical education. Maria Iutina, the director of the musical ministry, studies at the Udmurt State University choir department. Our four-part choir sings a variety of music from Chayakovsky, Bortnaynskiy, Kedrov, Handle, French, Finish, and old orthodox songs to songs from the hymnal "Song of revival". In order to worship God we use boards, piano, saxophone. The choir went out to suburbs of Udmurtia for Evangelism. We do not often have a chance for these trips because of choir members’ work at organizations and firms full time. All the singers are deferent, but they are unified by one desire to serve God. Watching God help the choir to grow and mature in joy and qualifications, they desire to bring joy to the Lord and His children.

Our huge desire, almost the dream, to have in church a lot of wonderful music with beautiful words could sound, which takes its beginning in a heart. We want that the worship could have become the living sermon of beauty of the Gospel in its depth and power. We want that there will be many worthy musicians who trusted their talents on the altar to serve God and people. The church should be beautiful! We pray while we are on our way to get that aim…