Ministries. The Marriage course


Since 2004 the church “Philadelphia” runs the marriage course. The authors of this course are Nicky and Sila Lee — the ministers of the Holy Trinity Brompton (London). They have been married more than 25 years and have four children. Thousands couples have attended their seminars on marriage and gone through their Marriage course that is based on their book “The Marriage book”.

Having attended the seminar on the Spouse course in the church “Rosa” (Moscow) in fall of 2004 several married couples from the church “Philadelphia” set their hearts on starting this course in their church. At the beginning there were no teachers, no listeners. Then they decided to launch the course for themselves: they were teachers and listeners at the same time. Each pair prepared one topic.

The others were the audience at this time. When the course ended and the married couples gathered to discuss the results, they realised that this course was very important in the practical marriage relationships revival and improvement. In contrast to other well-known seminars and courses on marriage ministry in most cases loaded with theory, the spouse course gives the spouses an opportunity to get to know each other better and to use the practical tools for building harmonious relationships in marriage.

The course meetings are held in a cozy café with a romantic ambiance. Each couple has its own table and can discuss the most difficult and “forbidden” topics of marriage life. Throughout seven meetings with different themes for each evening spouses learn how to cope with conflicts, understand and forgive each other, be open and build the right relationships with parents and children.

The course is a secular one but is based on the Biblical principles that is why any married couples can attend it: believers and atheists, people of different nationalities, young couples and spouses of an advanced age. About 100 couples have completed the Marriage course for these four years and they gave a high appraisal of the information materials, the teaching process quality and the form of the course and, what is more important, of the results after this course.