Ministries. The Alpha course

The Alpha course is 10-12 meetings once a week where the crucial issues of Christianity are discussed. At each meeting there is a free dinner, speech on a particular topic and a free discussion of the questions relevant for the participants. There are no simple, too unfriendly or inappropriate questions. Everybody has an opportunity to take part in the discussion of any problem and find out what the Bible says about it.

The Alpha course is a unique chance to talk about spirituals questions in a nondenominational atmosphere, meet interesting people and make a decision what role Christianity will play in your life

Meeting at a dinner table, talks with interesting people in a free and joyful ambiance, an understandable narration without difficult religious terms, a weekend in the countryside that helps to know one another better and make new friends — all this is the Alpha course. Still the main thing the Alpha course is about is helping people to meet Jesus.