Ministries. Ministry “Friends”

Each of us needs true friends, and where can one find them if not in church?

Ministry  “Friends” unites people aged from 30 to 45. Cheerful spiritually and physically, they learn to interact, meet with Christians from other churches, learn to serve and spread the Gospel, and also to build strong and loving families.

Besides home meetings, where friends glorify God, study the Scriptures and discuss how to practice Biblical truths, they pray together, celebrate important holidays, do sports. Football, ice-skating, recreation in the countryside — that is far not a full list of what these people do together.

A very important place in the ministry “Friends” is given to meeting with nonbelievers to give them an opportunity to hear about God and turn to Him.

Although the ministry was formed as separate not long ago, many of its members have known each other for quite a long time, and they are ready to meet new people.