The grace of God

What does the Bible tell us about grace? First of all, it is God’s relation to man and mankind which is seen in His good attitude to people, His mercy and love. God is the Savior of mankind, and He reaches out to rebellious men through Jesus’ substitution death on the cross.


Folk groups

The Tatar fellowship was started in the year 2000. A group of Christian-Tatars from the “Philadelphia” Church decided to unify with an aim to bring the Gospel to the Tatars. We have a strong desire to show Christ to our relatives, friends, and neighbors. The main goal of opening that fellowship was to help Muslims to come to church without obstacles and problems.

Tatar ministry

About us


Second pastor Aleksey Korepanov

I was fighting God rejecting His love for 3 years. Within that period I betrayed all my and my God’s principles, all that I was so proud of. My life lost its sense. But thank God! He came to me again and addressed to my heart.