Pastors. Pastor Alexey Obukhov

My life was rather ordinary. I was born in 1972 in Izhevsk. I lived and was brought up in an ordinary family.

I frequently visited my grandmother who lived in the country. She was a very religious person. She was the one who acquainted me with Christianity because together with her I attended an Orthodox church situated 10 km away from her house.

My granny used to frighten me saying that some “Baptists” (TN: in Russia many unbelievers and Orthodox people used to call “Baptists” all Protestant confessions) would take me away if I don’t obey her. But many years have passed by before they finally did. All the time before it happened I had a very strange feeling as someone was trying to sink me in dirt.

At school I went in for sport. But besides that I was a frequent visitor of a local police department. When I turned 15 I decided to start independent life. The result of it resembled a “hog trough”. After that I had to spend a half a year in the hospital where my parents would visit me every day! Thanks them for their care. While I was at the hospital my old friends forgot of me, and it was luck for me. But a bit later I found new ones. The disobedience kept on growing but the “Baptists” didn’t “take me away”.  

No doubts, God cared of me and now I realize it!

Here is one of God’s miracles in my life.

In 1990 I met a girl Ludmila in the city of Vitebsk, Belarus. I found out that she was from Izhevsk, too, and that we lived in the same street and worked for the same company! And a few months later we got married! Thanks God for my wonderful wife!

In 1992 we visited the Mission “Vozmozhnost” (TN: Russian for “opportunity”). Its founder was a missionary from the Ukraine Pavel Zhelnovakov. The Mission held the first water baptism that year. And my wife and I were among the baptized.

Eventually, they “took me away”!

It took many years to prove my granny that we trusted in the same God! At the moment she’s very happy with that.

There was one more miracle that I cannot help but mention. Both my wife and I couldn’t have children. Every family wants to have children and so did we. The diagnosis “infertility” sounded like a verdict. The whole church prayed for us. And today we have two sons and a daddy’s daughter.

I could say many more things God did in our life.

I studied in the Bible school in 1993-1994. I served to prisoners during 8 years. I served in the city of Glazov, Udmurtia.

Christianity is not a religion, it is life! The Lord makes this life fascinating, interesting, and joyful! Living in peace with God brings joy!