About us. Pastors, who are they?

The majority of people who are older than 20, should remember well the rather numerous quotations in our press, concerning the priests and leaders of churches. They have been called by different names during the time of atheism: they were fanatics, sectarians, murderers, swindlers, enemies of people, and they were even so-called "heroes" of funny stories.

Praise God, the times are different now, and the opinions of the people have been changed fast. But, if we don't speak about servants in churches, our hope in quick change is too soon. So, who are they, those pastors of the "Philadelphia" church?

First of all, it is necessary to say, that the word "pastor" is not from the west, or America. The word is a Greek word, and not one time has been used in the Gospels and Apostolic messages. The words "elder" and "bishop" are mentioned. They have similar values and were used by Apostles and Christ for the definition of the care and spiritual supervision of the society of Christians, just as the shepherd cares for his sheep. So, it doesn't matter as we consider this word, it has that kind value.

With pleasure we present the pastors of the church, as the regular people, worthy citizens, and gentle fathers having an honest man's view and deep Christian heart. On this page, we will share with their joy, vision of the church and society, and prayer requests. So, who are they?